The Advantages of Wood Grain Vinyl Decorative Film

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Update time : 2022-06-17 13:42:04

                                                                           Stone Texture 5053-Erie Oak

Wood grain vinyl decorative film has a strong imitation wood feeling and is a new form of decorative environmentally friendly product. It can substitute some excellent logs, matching with the overall decoration style, and is also simpler to clean.

The advantages of wood-grain vinyl decorative film are low price, easy cleaning, acid and reagent resistance. It has less color and grain difference than the original wood, and the processing really is easy. Decorative film is widely utilized in interior decoration and floor remedying of automobiles, airplanes and ships, etc.

It is more environmentally friendly than traditional painting boards, and its imitation effect is also very strong. When vinyl decorative film is covered on the man- made board, it is able to prevent the volatilization of damaging substances from the panel. Following your decorative film is unquestionably treated, the top of board will probably be smooth.

Besides, wood grain decorative film is produced with wear resistant ink as well as a protective layer in post-processing , which is not easy to fade or scratch off. Panels decorated with wood grain vinyl decorative film can be applied on furniture,  tables, wardrobes, plastic doors and floors and other interior spaces.



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