How to Avoid Color Differences in Vinyl Decorative Film

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Update time : 2022-07-08 15:15:45

#Vinyl decorative film# may be used on numerous surfaces, such as doors, floors, furniture  and a whole lot more. In some situations, however, there may be colors distinctions between batches. Then how to prevent  them in vinyl decorative film? Discover them.

The reasons for Color Distinctions in Vinyl Decorative Film 

Color distinctions in decorative film applications may be caused by a variety of factors. Maybe you bought several rolls of the same color, but they are from different batches. Decorative film may look different if this happens .

Another likely reason is oxidation, as perfectly as auto-oxydation in phenolic antioxidants is also a common cause for undesired colors. 

The film quality may also have an effect on the colors over time. A lot of manufacturers didn’t master the state of art of printing vinyl decorative film, and as a result of that, the color tone is going to be affected.

The base panels in which you apply the decorative film will likely influences the way the color looks. This runs specifically true when it comes to home window applications.

Ways to Avoid Color Distinctions in Vinyl Decorative Film

Avoiding color distinctions in convertible top decorative film is possible with some tactics. Here are some ways to be sure that all these materials maintain the same color over a long period:

1. Get High-quality Products from Renowned Companies

Color differences often occur as the manufacturers did not know how to print the film, or they didn’t use high-standard inks in the process.

If it's your very first time purchasing decorative vinyl film, you might be confused with different companies. It's necessary to do researches just before making your choice.

How do you check out the printing of film? Take a look at what  people comment on these film production companies. Do many people report colors differences?  Do the company have  authoritative ISO certificates ? These may help you prevent buying low-quality vinyl decorative film to some extent.

2.Buy from the Same Batch

You should buy enough vinyl decorative film from the beginning when you want to apply it.

You could gain sheets from different batches  if you buy one roll and get other rolls weeks later.Buy enough rolls  in the beginning  to ascertain they are out of the same batch so that you can certainly avoid color differences.

3. Keep Vinyl Film away from Direct Sunlight or Commercial Lighting

Unless the film you buy has top-quality UV light protection, you might never expose them to direct sunlight. The significant color  differences will appear in several weeks or months after the sheets are processed. Exposure to light could potentially cause degradation of the polymer bonded, which in turn causes colors variations.

To make sure your decorative film looks continuously gorgeous, you need to avoid color differences. We hope the tips above will help you maintain the impeccable looks of your decorations.

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